Friday, September 04, 2009

There's a new Bird in Town

Not Many trips to our local kitchen supply store, A Cooks Companion, don't result in the purchase of some fun new kitchen gadget or appliance. Mashers, strainers, mortar and pestles, knife sharpeners, you name it, we've snatched it up from this foodie haven where the Le Creusets are as colorful as they are bountiful and the staff is always prepared to answer questions and help you in your latest culinary exploit. Our most recent visit resulted in my favorite kitchen addition to date, the adoption of a penguin!
That's right, Ben and I are now the proud owners of a penguin shaped seltzer maker. This funny looking bird cranks out seltzer in a matter seconds and comes with two glass storage bottles with tightly fitting screw caps to keep your bubbles bubbly for refrigerator storage. For the last two weeks the two of us have been drinking seltzer like it was our job, much to the chagrin of our dear chicken Buzz who doesn't know what to think of the addition of yet another bird into this Brooklyn household.

Don't worry Buzz, our growing love of the penguin could never eclipse our love of your daily visits or fresh eggs, you may however, want to rethink the early morning squawks.