Saturday, January 17, 2009

Evolution of The Coffee Robot

I'm telling you man, it's the future, everything's just gonna be done my humans.

I sure as hell better have a Robot that makes me my coffee before you find me making coffee for my Robot. It's evolution baby...

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Chance Meeting

It was like one of those scenes in a movie where all the actions of one or of many all add up to an unavoidable brush with fate; sometimes a chance meeting with a future love, or an unlucky encounter with tragic outcome. Only destiny decides whether it is the former or the latter. Lucky for these two,

it was a glorious communion, the coming together of two magnificent parts that resulted in one heavenly experience.
The way the world works, it seemed unlikely that the two would ever be in the same place at the same time and, had I woken up on time it may never of happened. Had I woken up on time, I would have bought everything I had intended to at the food coop, and I would have never ended up in the express aisle. The very aisle that houses all the various chocolate bars. Had I woken up on time, I would have had time to take my groceries home before going to work, and I would have never found myself at the wine shop opening a bar of chocolate at the very same time that my boss was opening a bottle of wine.
Well I didn't wake up on time, and thank God I didn't because BAM! Who knew that an unassuming salt speckled 65% milk chocolate bar from Brooklyn, and and unmistakably French Malbec from the Loire Valley would hit it off so well. The floral aromas of the wine mingled with the rich cocoa perfume, arousing the taste buds in the process. The richness of the dark milk chocolate was a wonderful accompaniment to the earthiness this region is known to produce. And the salt? Lets just say, the salt sealed the deal. These two were so meant for each other that I may not set my alarm clock ever again.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Last Year's Trash

When I arrived at the Laundromat last week, I was surprised to find it packed full of people - not usually the case on a weekday morning. "Everyone wants to get their laundry done for the New Year" said the owner. Apparently having all your laundry done before the New Year is an established New Years tradition, one that I had never heard of before, "I never knew about it either till I had this place." Well, what do I know about the laundry business...

What I do know is that i have a little New Years tradition of my own that takes place in the kitchen. Every New Years, once all the celebrating, and in my case, eating is over with, I open up the fridge and clean out the heaps of leftover food that have piled up over the holidays.
Moldy cranberry sauce, smelly brisket, mushy vegetables, and unrecognizable substances are all yanked, tossed in a garbage bag, and taken out like last year's trash. As far a traditions go, its not too lavish, and hardly original, but it makes me feel better about the coming year. A kind of cleaning out of the closets if you will.
It is not until the last vegetable drawer is scrubbed and placed back in the fridge, that I feel 100% about the year to come.
Have any New Years traditions/superstitions of your own?

Saturday, January 03, 2009

I love you _____ Robot...

Midge Some say that I should give it up, my peculiar fascination with coffee Robots...

Maxwell & Marcus
I say, its hard thing to kick when, everywhere I go, I am tormented by gangs of cool looking robots.
Why just the other day, while strolling down Atlantic Ave. minding my own business, I spot these guys in a window display. None of them make coffee for you in the morning. In fact, I'm pretty sure they don't do anything other than look funky. I still love them despite their obvious disabilities and have taken it upon myself to name each and everyone of them.