Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Why I Hate Thanksgiving...Not!

Now, if you thought that I was going to go into a bloated diatribe about why Thanksgiving sucks, then your wrong. It is however, a common theme echoed across the blogshpere this time of year. I hate Turkey, my family sucks, everyone just sits around the TV watching football, its a holiday based around killing the Indians, these are but of few of the Internet yodeling justifying why the Holiday stinks. Why argue with that, right? Wrong.

So you hate Turkey, that's fine. One of my customers at the shop hates it as well, but instead of calling off the holiday or complaining about how much he hates fowl, he served his guests Surf & Turf. Hate going home for the Holiday because your family is crazy, then don't go home, host your owl Thanksgiving and ban TV watching all together.

Don't agree with the ideology behind the celebration, then come up with your own. Host your own dinner in honor of the way of life that was destroyed by the settlers. Have all your guests dress in black and cook traditional Native American dishes. What I'm, trying to say, is that you have the power to reinvent the holiday.

As for me, I love thanksgiving. I love it because, over the past 12 years, my friends and I have created our own Thanksgiving traditions based on what we feel the Holiday should be about. It's all about the Family that you choose,

and a table big enough to house them all,
Its about smacking the Turkey,
answering tough questions like, Muppets or Fraggle Rock?
and behaving like a child again,

For me, its about cooking a feast that is worthy of friendships that have survived and thrived over the years,
its about cooking with loved ones,

and most importantly, its about Dorky Dance competitions,

To the Thanksgiving haters, these sentiments may seem paltry but, to them I say, try it one year, and then tell me you can't come up with at least one reason to be thankful.