Sunday, July 08, 2007

99 Stones

Happy Birthday Gourmet Peasant!

Wait a minute, it's not exactly a birthday per se, more like an anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Gourmet Peasant!

Ah,'s not really an anniversary either. Birthdays and anniversary are events that celebrate the date that a person, place, or idea was born, invented or conceived. What I am celebrating is a milestone I suppose, though it doesn't not have the same celebratory ring now does it?

Only one post away from my 100th post, I though it would be fun to put together a list of my reader's favorite posts. So please, help me celebrate this milestone, and tell me which post is your all time favorite. You can e-mail me at gourmetpeasant(at)gmail(dot)com, or simply leave you vote in the comments.


Vivian said...

I have a favorite perhaps because of my love of ice cream, it is the gourmet math. I have read it over and over and the result is always the same, me going to my freezer and scooping up a nice dish of ~ yes you guessed it Ice cream :-)

lucette said...

I vote for your chocolate bread pudding post--on both foodie and spiritual grounds.

Horvendile said...

I gotta go with More Chocolate More Challenges Part II (with the Mom-as-a-girl picture) and A Word With Martiny.

-- Matthew


I have to vote for Gourmet Math. Because when I read that, I laughed my freakin' head off and then stopped to realize, I DO THE SAME THING. I also really love the Waiting for Ice Cream film and post. I don't know, can I vote for two???