Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Edible Overdose

I suppose it is only fare that I explain my recent truancy. It was not my intention to take an unannounced week long hiatus from blogging however, every time I sat down at my computer and danced my fingers across the keyboard all I ended up with was a string of flat sentences strung together to create one boring and utterly flavorless passage.

The incredible thing is that there has been no shortage of bloggable material in my life as of late. There were the grilled cheese sandwiches Abraham made for my roommate and me, made with maple smoked Cheddar, thick slabs of maple cured bacon, watercress and pear, served on a slice of Amy's seeded semolina...
There were experiments with brinning poultry in preparations for Thanksgiving, also a wonderful dinner at Kirara on Carmine street where, thanks to Jonah one of the chefs, I finally conquered of my irrational aversion to sushi...
Yellow Fin Salad with Asian Pear, Pomegranate, and parsley oil
Various rolls and Sashimi - can't say what they all are yet, but I did eat them all
Toro platter with sashimi (left), seared tuna (bottom), and tartare lightly seared and topped with quail egg (top right)
I started my WSET certificate class in Wines and Spirits, and I met David Lebovitz, the author of the Perfect Scoop.
Yes, I am aware of my dorkiness in this picture, but the coolness of the pic outweighs my dorkiness
This week was full of culinary events, disasters, and triumphs yet, somewhere during all of the cooking, eating, and drinking I lost my ability to sit down and write about it.

It is entirely possible that I had an edibles overdose - just because my robust digestive system can process large quantities of food does not mean that my delicate sensibilities can. We'll have to take it down a notch in the coming week.


Kara said...

That's awesome that you're doing the wine course.
Also, I totally went to a book signing this year too. Either they're not that dorky, or we're equally dorky.

DogRunningFree said...

I love the sushi piks ... we don't have sushi here. Occasionally a walleye sandwich or fried catfish.

I went to my favorite meximerican diner today but the person I was supposed to meet never showed. It's the only place I know where you can get excellent huevos rancheros and the very worst/best of midwestern diner food and both are absolutely authentic.

I want to have my own food blog. Last night I whipped up the best Thai peanut sauce ever and it deserves a picture and a taste.

Sarah McColl said...

that open-faced sandwich looks amazing.

Marce said...

that´s not dorky, you were meeting your ice-cream guru, you can´t be expected to be focused on your glamour pose! haha
I might be getting an ice cream maker in a few weeks, and if I do, I´m gonna need, and I mean NEED, the perfect scoop... my hips are screaming in anticipation!