Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Breif Meditaion on Chocolate Redux

I can’t say that I remember my first time. I was exposed at an inappropriately early age and have never fully recovered. It is as though that first fateful experience is housed deep within the musky caverns of my subconscious and with each new encounter is released, for but a moment, to thrust upon my senses the recollections of that all-enveloping rapture. The sensation is that of a sharp intimate blade cutting right through the center of the palette, leaving on one side a dry and tannic piquancy and on the other, a warm, sweet, and voluptuous earthiness. With each inhalation, the threading aroma blossoms sending out bouquets of nostalgic harmonies that erupt in the fingers and toes. It is then that it strikes, the final and singular thunderous clap of gratification. I open my eyes, my senses are clear, my mind is keen, and I am ready for another bite.

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