Thursday, August 21, 2008

Around the World in Thirty Days

So where exactly have I been? Let me see, it has taken me the last few weeks just to get through France, making pit-stops along the way in Bordeaux, Burgundy, The Rhone, Alsace, and the Loire. This past Saturday I spent zig-zagging across Italy and somewhere around Tuscany had a minor panic attack for there were so many miles, and countries, yet to cover. Sunday through Tuesday I spent half my time roaming The Duero Valley in Spain and the other half making my way from village to village in Germany. Wait a second, did I totally forget about Portugal? Oh crap! Today I am hoping to get threw Austria, Hungry, Romania, Bulgaria and if I'm lucky, Greece so that the next few days I can concentrate on Australia, New Zealand, and The Americas.

Thought it may appear that I am participating in a mad dash around the world, the sad truth is that I have spent the last few weeks at my desk studying for the WSET Advanced certificate Exam. I have been in such a panic over the exam (I am a terrible test-taker) that I have spent all my free time reviewing facts about soil composition in the Cotes d'Or, the number of hectres under vine in Argentina, and coming up with New World alternatives for Pouilly Fuisse, Cote Rotie, and Vouvray. In fact, just yesterday I was on the train reading my text book and the woman beside me interupted, "Are you studying for the WSET advanced certificate exam?" I looked up at her with strained eyes and shook my head 'yes.' " Don't worry," she said "its a lot easier than you think, you just have to remember the entire book." Not very funny if you ask me.


Kara said...

You shoulda punched her.

Shrine of the Sea Monkey said...

Ohhhhhh Now I understand.