Thursday, October 16, 2008

New York City Mice Sure Do Have Expensive Taste!

A few weeks ago I visited my mother and, as always, she sent me back to the city loaded down with specialty chocolates, Tahitian Vanilla, Vietnamese Cinnamon, and an array of pastry flour. Upon arrival, it was straight back to the grind and so I placed my bag of goodies on a shelf in the kitchen, and immediately forgot about them.

The bag was rediscovered this past weekend during a clean up after a visit from the exterminator. As I opened the bag I knew something was dreadfully wrong when flour poured from the bag onto the floor in a dusty cloud. As I unpacked the goods, it was clear that the mice who had recently come to colonize our home, had been chowing down on my edible belongings.
The Flour was strewn about like confetti, the cinnamon disregarded entirely - I suppose Vietnamese cinnamon is too spicy for their little tongues - and the 99% Sharffen Berger chocolate,
lets just say that New York City mice sure do have expensive taste. I can just imagine the little fellas jacked up on caffeine, and I wonder how bad their withdrawal symptoms will be when they come back to find their stash gone without a trace. I hope they don't get angry and attempt to exact revenge. Sound familiar?


robert said...

for the karmic explanation of your mouse problem, you might want to look back to your 12/21/07 post and film. Just a thought.


Madeline said...

You have a point. Let them eat chocolate.

Anonymous said...

hey --

speaking of mice, your old haunt Dynasty Diner (recently renamed Dynasty's Cafe -- though I don't understand the apostrophe -- and fitted out with little round sidewalk tables, just like paris on 14th and B) was closed by the Health Department. The neighborhood has finally gentrified to the point at which health codes are being enforced. I miss the old days. They had the best cheeseburgers. Hope you're well. robert