Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I love my dinner robot...I mean my husband.

Every week I run off to swim class telling Ben that I probably won't want dinner. It's a late class and I don't make it home until 9:45pm which is dangerously close to my normal bed time. Still almost every week I come home to a food fragrant house that is too tempting to turn down.

This last week it was double rice flowered fish with ginger and black caraway and sesame asparagus. Such a wonderful take on sweet and sour. As my heart rate and adrenaline levels settled, Ben told me about how he nearly burned the kitchen down while cooking. He was glowing with the excitement of his culinary adventure. As I ate and filled Ben in on my class, my belly and my heart grew full. It wasn't long before we were both sleepy and ready for bed. As I buried myself underneath the covers and turned off the light, all I could think was, how lucky was I to have a husband who could cook so well and who could turn a brief late-night dinner into such a delightful experience.

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Regine said...

Mmmmmhh!! Ben, you're the Daddy!