Sunday, January 21, 2007

Six Weird Things...

I was tagged by Marce of Pip in The City a few days ago with this meme of six weird food things about myself. I has taken me a while to complete it, because for days I thought long and hard, and was unable to not come up with a single thing that I thought was weird. I realized last night, after re-reading Marce's entry, that no one believes that any of their habits are strange, when the truth of the matter is, all habits are at least a tad bit strange.

Six weird food things about me

1.) I love tomato sauce which, I know, is not all together that strange, if it were not for the fact that I like to eat it cold, out of the jar, with a spoon.

2.) I don’t like sushi. I realize this is not that strange; there are plenty of people who don’t like sushi. Still, it bothers me severely that I don’t like it. Sushi lovers are fanatical and whenever people are fanatical about something I don’t appreciate, I want to experience for myself the pleasure that is the source of their dogmatic ardor. I’ve tried many times to be a sushi fanatic, but I always come up short, merely appreciating it but never becoming entirely consumed by it. I have not given up, however, and will continue trying.

3.) I love soup so much that I could probably live on it and it alone

4.) I like saltine crackers. I think that alone is fairly strange.

5.) I have a cupcake abuse problem (reference my last few entries and you'll agree.)

6.) I like eating my food with oddly sized utensils, ice cream with an espresso spoon, lentil salad with a mussels fork, and oatmeal with a serving spoon. It delighted me as a child and continues to delight me to this day. I also like eating out of oddly shaped and sized bowls, tiny ones being my favorite.

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