Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The X Rated Cup Cake

I realize that this past month's posts might give the impression that I survive on cup cakes alone, and although I partly wish this were the case, it simply is not. I have always had a fancy for cup cakes, but over the years this childhood fancy has blossomed into a full blown passion which, in my adult years, has swelled into a compulsive enthusiasm. In more recent months this enthusiasm has mutated into a fixation bordering on fetish.

It all began with the Pumpkin Spice Cup Cakes . These blameless little cakes were simple and sweet and could inspire nothing less than wholesome delight in the jaws of a virtuous eater. But when I took my first bite of these innocent cakes, all I could think was sinister thoughts. I wanted to rip off their tops, tear out their guts, and fill them with sweet pastry cream. My mother, being as much of a subversive eater as I, agreed and during my visit with her she concocted the very sinister Blissfully Banana Cup Cake. This invention set ablaze my cup cake perversion and has lead me to where I am today, dreadfully trying to get over my reconstruction of Two Little Red Hens, Brooklyn Blackout Cup Cake. These X rated cakes were so nefarious that many of those who partook in them reported having scrumptiously disturbing dreams. "I was drifting on chocolaty waves of butter cream," one participant told me. "I dreamt about them (the cakes) last night," another one told me with a wicked grin "and I was making love to them." Oh no, my cup cake disorder was contagious!

It is hard to say if I will be able to cure my deviant cup cake malady, but now that I am aware of my 'affliction' and the savory, and not so savory, effect it has on the public, I know that I must try. If only being bad, did not taste so good. This will be my last cup cake entry for some time.

These chocolate cream filled chocolate cup cakes with chocolate frosting are intense and almost perverse. Enjoy them if you dare!

STEP 1 - Make the pastry cream first so that it can cool while you make your cup cakes.

STEP 2- Make your buttermilk cup cakes
STEP 3- Once the cup cakes are cooled cut a large hole in the top of the cakes, using a paring
knife and angling toward the center. Remove the top, carve out the center, fill with
pastry cream, and place top back on.

STEP 4 - Ice the cup cake. (With this recipe I used Sharffen Berger 99% Cacao Pure Dark Chocolate, and I used
a 1/2 cup less sugar)


Marce said...

I´ll have to look into this recipe, you are killing my waist-slimming chances hahaa

By the way, I´ve just tagged you for a 6 weird food things about yourself meme.

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Mauri D said...

oh my god, maddy those cupcakes look divine. sometimes your site is torture!

p.s. diggin your pic:)