Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Putting Chocolate in Perspective

By now you have become familiar with not only my coffee obsession, but my chocolate fixation as well. In order to put my sentiments for chocolate in perspective, I have decided to publish a letter I received from my friend Régine after our visit to The Chocolate Room. I think that you will find that, compared to her infatuation, my feelings for chocolate are quite mild, everything being relative of course.

Feeling, smelling, seeing, touching, looking…. All my senses are awake in order to celebrate you.

Trip to The Chocolate Room

The anticipation of going to this place excites me to a point I cannot control the ecstatic smile I have stuck on my face. The whole world becomes sunny side up and quite surreal. As soon as I pushed the door of the shop, uncontrollable internal laughter gets hold of me… The abundance of different vintages of chocolate makes me happy, the strong smell of chocolate makes me happy, not being able to decide what chocolate I want makes me happy… I am so happy when I am in this store! And even happier when finally I leave with my little Chocolate Room bag full of dark chocolate… Life cannot be better. I Love It!

Orgasmic addiction

Chocolate gives me an euphoric high. First I look with divine admiration at the square of fine dark chocolate delicately placed in a plate, I smell it, then I gently take it, bite a piece, let it melts on my tongue, sit down and close my eyes… The rush starts… I can feel a million fire works exploding from my head, through my nipples, to my vagina, then I get the most euphoric orgasm… Sex cannot make me in such a state… Without my daily dosage of dark chocolate, I feel down, deeply sad inside, useless, moody, under the weather… My life makes no sense… I am in love with chocolate…


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Freya said...

The chocolate room sounds like my most favourite place to be! Only tonight my husband and I were sharing a tub of Fossil Fuel Ice Cream but I told him, I'll just eat the solid chocolate pieces - keep the ice cream!
Great blog!

Kara said...

Uh, wanna go there after ice skating?

Dancing Chocolate Régine said...

I want that video on myspcae!!!
I love it!!!

Dancing Chocolate Régine said...

I want that video on myspace!!!
I love it!!!