Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I must be Dreaming

What can I say? It would be super if I had some wonderfully exciting reason for my AWOL status as of late, an impromptu trip to Tierra Del Fuego for example. Instead all I can do, is whine to you about complicated computer problems that, in the end, are not really all that complicated, and the pain, sorrow, and stress of finding a new apartment.

Yes I am moving, and hopefully it is into the AMAZING apartment I applied for today that just so happens to house my dream kitchen. How did the landlord know that I have always wanted a kitchen that opens into the living space, I'll never know. How did he ever guess that I love marble counter tops, stainless steal appliances, a stove with an air duct, and get this, a wine refrigerator that is sunken into the wall? Pinch me, I think I'm dreaming!

I am aware that I owe you an entry, or two, or three or four... and I promise you they are in the works. In the meantime, wish me luck with my application. I think I'm gonna need all the mojo I can muster.


Horvendile said...

Good luck, Madelita! Now all you'll need is that damn coffee robot!

Kara said...

Fingers crossed! I'm dying to see this place!

Vivian said...

Good luck my sweet Peasant. Sounds spectacular and perfect for a Gourmet like you.