Tuesday, October 17, 2006

One Way To Cure A Hangover - Part I

“ Wine before liquor, never been sicker, vodka martini on an empty stomach before beer… "

I don't know, stupid?!? The one thing I can tell you is that, not eating all day then sucking back a Stoli martini before a night of beer guzzling is not such a hot idea. Is this something I should already know? Well, lets just say I had plenty of time to ponder the question as my morning hangover set in.
What does a Brooklyn peasant do to cure a hangover? Well it sure isn’t eating muesli. What I wanted desperately to do was to order in scrambled eggs and pastrami with grits and a side of pumpkin walnut pancakes from the cherished Tom’s Restaurant on Washington Avenue. Unfortunately, unlike every other restaurant in NYC that subjects its staff not only to Saturday brunch but to Sunday brunch as well, Tom’s is closed on Sundays. My hangover feast would have to wait for a Saturday hangover. With no other options for delivery, and a roommate also recovering from the abuses of alcohol, action had to be taken. I wiped the smeared mascara from my face, adjusted my tousled hair as best I could and made a quick run to the corner store.
I wanted to buy something greasy, fattening, and refined: pork sausage, bacon, cream cheese, and Jamaican Cocoa bread. I wandered slowly past the meat counter two or three times. I stood for an unusually long time staring lovingly at the boxes of pancake mix, much to the chagrin of the owner who probably thought I was a thief. It wasn’t easy, but I opted for at least a few of the healthier choices (whole wheat, turkey, and no cheese.)
At home, a sip of some strong hot coffee, a twist, a toss, and a dollop of butter later and breakfast was served: Toasted English muffins stacked with turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, a smear of creamy hummus, and a spoonful of my mothers homemade tomato chutney. Wow! Just what the doctor ordered: salty, sweet, with just the right amount of greasy. Hangovers are never easy when you don’t have delivery, but they certainly can be healthier.

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this is so cool.....!!!
just don't know what to say,
Let them eat cake in BK