Thursday, October 19, 2006

One Way To Cure A Hangover - Part II cont.

The bakery was full of little children when I got there and I took a deep breath before entering. As I approached the cupcake counter my heart welled up with inexplicable joy. “CUPCAKES!!!!” a little girl screamed with uncontrollable excitement as she ran up behind me and gazed romantically at the array of lavishly decorated goodies.
Maybe I could get something less indulgent, like a cookie, or a slice of pumpkin bread. I glanced back down at the line-up of cup cakes one more time and lost myself in the ripples of buttercream. The name of each cake was desplayed on index cards lovingly decorated with colored markers, Brooklyn Blackout, Pumpkin Spice With Cream cheese icing, Red Velvet, Lemon Cloud…
“Can I help you?” a woman behind the counter asked me waking me from my confectionary daze.
“I’ll take a Black Out cup cake”
My stomach was now growling ferociously and I realized, perhaps too late, that it was not such a great idea to go cup cake shopping with an empty belly.
“How many did you want?” she asked me with a straight face.
Was she serious or trying to break my resolve I wondered? My determination waned by the millisecond!
“Um…” I stammered. What is a peasant to do when there is only one Lemon Cloud Cupcake left in a room full of vulturous children just joansing for their next sugar rush?
“and…a Lemon Cloud as well.”
It was a losing battle I suppose.

Sure there are healthier ways to cure a hangover, there is olive oil with egg yolk and Tabasco, Milk Thistle, and even plain old tomato juice, but I must say that, the cup cake method is the most tasty of all.

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