Monday, January 15, 2007

Yes, Another Stupid Internet Survey...

1.) What do you do when a beloved friend desperately needs some reparation after a brutal

Make chocolate cup cakes
2.) What do you do when your roommate has also had a difficult week and is in need of a
serious pick-me-up?

Fill the cupcakes with chocolate and butterscotch pastry cream.

3.) What do you do when you yourself are suffering from the blues because the one you want to
Cook with does not want to cook with you?

You dance and howl like a banshee to Hank Williams while making sinfully decadante frosting with Scharffenberger’s 99% chocolate.


wwwmrchen said...

On the other hand this one contains loads of tasty recipes because it is about cooking. Leave comment and don't forget to tell your friend about it =)

Marce said...

mmmm so much chocolate, those cupcakes could make anyone, and I mean anyone, feel better.
Thanks for commenting on my blog, I´ve been reading yours and I´m loving your entries about your mom and the chocolate store. I´ll add you to my bloglines blogroll.
What I didn´t understand from one of the entries is what exactly it is that you do in the restaurant business.

The Gourmet Peasant said...

I have worked in the kitchen, but I mainly bartend and waitress. I guess I'm vague about it because it is not the sort of thing you brag about, though it has exposed me to all sorts of interesting foods and wine.

Kara Youngs said...

Maddy, those cupcakes made for the best fuzzy-headed breakfast ever!