Monday, September 10, 2007

Quantity and Quality - Round One

There are some days that go down in food history because of the sheer quantity of food eaten, and others due to the quality of food. Then of course, there are the those exceptional days that gain extra special mention owing to the delightful marriage of both quality and quantity. Well today was an exceptional day.

If you have ever wondered if it is possible to have brunch on a Wednesday afternoon, the answer is yes. Just mozzy on down to the Clinton Street Baking Company were, though they don’t actually serve a weekday brunch, the indulgent spirit of brunch is still alive and kickin’ well into the middle of the week. Check out this spread that the very passionate eating companion Abraham, and I ordered for ourselves.

There is no denying that this feast was over the top, but after our first successful ride into the city on Abraham’s new tandem bicycle we could think of no better way to reward ourselves than with two pint sized Bloody Marys, a Beet and Goat Cheese Salad...
Lobster Bisque,
Cheese Grits, A Crab Cake Sandwich,
and Some Blueberry Pancakes served with Maple Butter.
In The end, our eyes larger than our stomachs, we were defeated by our lavish banquet.
An hour or so later, with pregnant bellies, and a slight buzz, we climbed back on the bike and rode back to Brooklyn. Now, for most people the feasting would have stopped there, but in just a few hours, this Brooklyn Peasant had yet another eating engagement with, guru of upper crust dinning, Bernie Shanahan. Instead of stretching out and kicking back, it was off the bike, into the shower, and back on to a Manhattan bound train for round two of this delightful eating spree...

stay tuned for round two of this extraordinary day of eating!


Vivian said...

The peasant from Brooklyn eats as well as a king. Beautiful photo's of food I wish I was eating right now.

Marce said...

oh my god, i´d die of happiness right there if i ate all that, it sounds and looks utterly delightful.