Thursday, April 12, 2007

April Showers Bring May Flowers - SHF #30

At least that is what we have been telling ourselves over the years in order to make it through the rainy entrance of spring. But what if it didn’t rain? What if, instead of increasingly warm weather and plenty of rain, we got endless chilly days accompanied by the occasional snow flurry? What is it that we tell ourselves then?

This month's Sugar High Friday is being hosted by Monisha of Coconut Chutney. The theme, Flower Power entails cooking with flowers or flower extracts (yum) and is apparently inspired by the "beautiful Spring weather we’ve been enjoying recently." Well Monisha, I am glad that somebody has been enjoying good old fashion spring weather because this April has been anything but average here in the north east. The daytime temperatures have parked themselves comfortably at about 45 degree with late nights dropping below the freezing mark. With no expected change on the horizon, almost all of my friends have surrendered and revisited their long overworked winter wardrobes. But not me, I refuse! I will not yield to these meteorological conditions. I will not be intimidated by snow flurries on Easter morning, nor will I be railroaded by a chilly climate. I will ride my bike - even if it means I end up with an ear ache, I will wear my Marry-Janes – even if I have to wear them with thick wool socks, and I will eat Rose Sweetened Tri-Berry Sorbet – even if I have to drink a cup of hot tea to warm up afterwards. My entry this month has little to do with inspiration and is much more a statement of protest. Just like a tree that's standing by the water, I shall not be moved!

The round up will be posted on Coconut Chutney's Blog on April 27th so check it out and get a taste of spring.

Rose Sweetened Tri-Berry Sorbet

4 cups - mixed berries frozen or fresh - I used blueberry, strawberry, and

1 cup - water
1/2 cup - Rose Water Syrup
1 tbsp - lemon juice
Zest from one lemon

  1. Heat all the ingredients over a low flame. Do not boil.
  2. Pour mixture in food processor and blend
  3. Pass through a sieve, then stir in lemon zest
  4. Freeze according to manufacturers instructions


Vivian said...

Today it is snowing in upstate N.Y.
and will continue threw Tue.
The only thing I can do in protest, is make tri-berry sorbet. It looks beautiful!

Monisha said...

I hear you Madeline, the weather now is far from Spring like, but your tenacity to hold on to some semblance of Spring with this delicious looking rose tri-berry sorbet deserves applause! You go girl!

Maria said...

WOW! Your Sorbet looks so amazing, so perfect; I could practically use my spoon to scoop it out of my computer screen! Yum! I am planning on buying an ice cream maker this summer- your recipe will definitely be going into it.
I hear you on the weather, here in Rochester we are hard pressed to even glimpse the sun on some days. I can't wait for spring to really come to the North-East to stay.