Wednesday, April 18, 2007

David vs. Ben and Jerry

April 17th is Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's. Participating ice cream shops in the NYC area include Ben and Jerry's Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, Ben and Jerry's Chelsea, and Ben and Jerry's Third Avenue. Log onto their site to find participating ice cream shops near you.

As for me and all the other Lebovitz disciples, I wonder if our ice cream endeavors will forever ruin our taste for anything other than homemade ice cream. Thankfully, I am willing to sabotage my pitiful attempt at a diet in order to find the answer to this urgent question. Check back tonight for results.

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Vivian said...

As for this disciple the only Ben and Jerry's I am interested in would be Ben, Jerry and Lebovitz. Since getting my Ice cream maker three weeks ago I have to force myself to eat food, and not exist on ice cream alone. sigh!!!!I can say unless I am at some super dooper gourmet ice cream shop, I will eat only home crafted ice cream.