Monday, April 02, 2007

A Soho Sighting

Master food and wine pairer Bernard Shanahan was spotted last night, sources say, at Soho hot spot Raoul’s on Prince street where he charmed his two fantastically dressed and blindingly gorgeous female companions with his delectable knowledge of food and wine.

It is said that, upon entrance to the gridlocked bar, the crowd parted creating a path that lead to a row of empty seats that appeared to be patiently waiting the trio's arrival.

After coupling the indulgently rich and fearlessly savory Foie Gras Brulee and Wild Boar Prosciutto with a luscious Tokai, Bernie shuffled his two mystery companions (if not already famous surely on their way) to Fanelli's Bar where the three enjoyed yet another brilliant pairing at his artful expense.

Cheesy and undoubtedly deep fried Jalapeno Poppers endearingly attended by a chocolaty Pint of Guinness Stout. It just goes to show, one of the most important skills a pairer can posses is versatility.


Kara said...

I wonder who those gorgeous starlets were? Hmmm.

Even though, I'm sure, all the food was delicious, what looks the most appetizing to me right now is that Guinness... Mmmmm.

Bernie said...

way cool, the foie gras looks even better in your shots than i about those say "when"