Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Flowers in Willow

I am up visiting my mother yet again, and of coarse we are at it again with the ice cream. The flavors we will be attempting are Ginger infused Chai, and Fresh Apricot. Mind you that there was already a freezer full of ice cream when I arrived, Fresh Mint Chip, and Cherry Frozen Yogurt to name a few. I snapped some of these pictures during my afternoon run. I have to do some exercise in order to keep up with the challenges of Gourmet Math.

I like how the vine is straggling the street sign.
This is my favorite part of my run. The tall and gracefully arching trees that line the road coupled with the bubbling creek to the left always brighten my mood.

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Vivian said...

Your photos are so lovely, you could start another blog called the
Gourmet Photographer.