Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Oops I Did it Again...

Only this time it wasn't with Chelsea, and it wasn't with Lorraine, it was with Bruce - the grilled chicken sandwich with chipotle mayo. It seems that I am having a bit of a problem . I have eaten lunch at Cheryl's three times, and have nothing to show you but pictures of empty plates.

My latest negligence began with one of my favorite food blogs, All Cup Cakes, All The Time. Recently they posted a picture of the board outside of NYC bakery Sugar Sweet Sunshine.
Now, if you are like me, you don't need an excuse for cup cakes, but seeing as I was on my way to Cheryl's to try one of her Red Velvets I figured I would put my rationalization skills to the test and come up with ten reasons of my own.

The Gourmet Peasant's Top 10 Reasons To Eat a Cupcake

1.) It's your day off
2.) Your Boss is Crazy
3.) Cause you have to spend those extra calories burned from exercise somehow
4.) Just, because
5.) Because in Turkey they have a saying: A woman without a belly is like a house without a balcony
6.) Because they are just so edible
7.) Because cup cakes are cool
8.) Because who needs an excuse
9.) Because a man with furry ears followed you down the street to hit on you

I managed to dodge the furry eared man but, a little distracted and very grossed out, I was unable to come up with number ten before arriving at Cheryl's. Once inside however, I was broken-hearted to find my tenth reason for eating a cupcake,

10.) Because if you don't eat one when you have the chance, there may not be any left
later :(

The waiter bowed his head when I inquired about the red velvet cup cakes, " yeah, they never hang around long when we have them," he told me with a
sympathetic smile. No more cupcakes! I was crushed. I had spent the entire morning fantasizing about them. What was I to do? I pulled myself together and did what any foodie would have done, I consoled myself with Bruce.

Perhaps it was the distress of the stalking incident that caused me to forget my blogging obligations, or maybe it was my grief at the hands of the cup cake shortage that distracted me from my photographic duties. Who knows and who cares, the moral crux of story is clear, don't ever put off eating cup cakes or you may just find that there are no more cup cakes. Lucky for me Cheryl told me herself that tomorrow she would be making a fresh batch of cup cakes. Looks like I know what I'll be eating for breakfast.


Vivian said...

I wonder if Cheryl's really serves food or just empty plates?
My #1 reason for eating cupcakes, is there is a cupcake monster living in side of me. IT MUST BE FED or all hell breaks loose.

Madeline said...

I wonder if your cupcake monster is friends with my coffee monster.

Vivian said...

I think you just may have something there. Long live coffee and cupcakes.