Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Premium Chocolate my 4SS!

Looks like somebody's trying to cash in on the gourmet chocolate market.
I know these products have been around for a year or so, but up till now I have done a fairly good job of neglecting to acknowledge them. Well not anymore; everywhere I turn there is another low grade chocolate product claiming to be 'premium,' 'healthy,' and even 'gourmet.' Many of the small (real)gourmet and organic chocolate companies are being gobbled up by the larger. In the last two years Hershey Co. has purchased Sharffen Berger Chocolates, Dagoba Organic Chocolate, and Joseph Schmidt confections and in '05 Cadbury Schweppes company acquired its organic rival Green & Blacks.

Is this chocolate evolution or transgression? It is hard to say weather the expanding market is a blessing or a curse.

Here is some interesting reading on the subject:
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Vivian said...

IT upsets me that Hershey's has bought my precocious Sharffen Berger.
I think of the over sweet chalky taste of Hershry's and almost want to give up chocolate all together.I remember when Ben and Jerry's were bought by Slimfast and how the quality was diminished greatly.(where did all the cherries go)